Today is the Day

Hi wonderful readers,

Before I start here are my favourite quotes for today:

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving, they make mistakes but they don’t quit”

“Success breeds success”

Over the years I have indeed made many mistakes of various sorts but I finally feel that after a long journey of self-discovery I am finally where I should be.

Today is enrolment day at college. I have waited more than three years for this moment, so to say I am nervous and completely over excited is an understatement. I finally get to study make-up artistry (living the dream).

I have regularly done my friends and families make-up over the years and they have always encouraged me to go and study it (especially my amazing mother who is and always has been a constant support to my son and I. This post goes out to her. See picture below) so that I can become what many call a “proper make-up artist” but believe me when I say that its easier said than done.

Not one college near to where I live offered any make-up courses that I could access and to go and study in London would have been impossible for me due to my personal circumstances. Anyway to cut a long story short: as I was flicking through the local college prospectus earlier this year I caught site of the word “make-up” and I could hardly believe my eyes when I did a double take and found that there in big bold letters read “media hair and make-up” as clear as day. Of course I wasted no time in getting myself an interview, well as you can probably guess, the rest is history……

I have always believed that quitting isn’t an option; not for me anyway, so although I may have quit many things in my life, I have never ever for one minute considered quitting when it came to following my dreams (I just kept on moving) and becoming that person that I so knew I could be; one that could use every inch of her creativity and immense drive in order to benefit others……………………..

JuJo (84)


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