OMG I Nearly Lost my #NYX

Hello again wonderful readers, here is my quote of the day:

“A girl can never have too many lipstick options” Zoe Sugg

wpid-20150825_201053-1Girls, I am sure many of you will be able to feel my pain. Lets just say today was nearly a total disaster for I almost lost my favourite lipstick under a pile of wood bark and soil! The wood bark and soil certainly wouldn’t have appreciated my wonderful lipstick as much as I do so its a good job “rescue mission NYX Hot Tamale” was a success!

It went like this: As I was talking away (people that know me know that when I talk, I talk ALOT) I reached in to my makeup bag that I keep with me in my hand bag and as I was blindly grabbing at plastic trying to feel for the right lipstick by identifying shapes and curves by way of touch (as you do), all of my lipsticks and glosses, balms, butters and lip stains just flew out and fell to the floor. Needless to say they ALL went in different directions.

All of the the kids in close proximity to us began madly scrambling around to find them before they had chance to roll away for good. As I sat and checked each one as it was returned to me, I noticed that one particular one, the one I was initially trying to find, was gone! Well that was it, a search party was arranged and the hunt began. Luckily after just two minutes my son found said lipstick buried under some wood bark and soil that my dog Buddy had been creating whilst digging away at the ground (as they do).

The point to this little story is that literally two minutes before this happened my friend and I were talking about things that we obsessively collect and I very confidently said that I don’t collect anything…then this happened. Errr clearly I am in denial about my lip stick, gloss, stain, butter and balm obsession and have now been outed!

Nonetheless I am in fact pleased to say that my amazing “NYX Hot Tamale Butter Lipstick” was successfully reunited with its friends and is now safely tucked away. Mission accomplished!


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