Kimonos and cardigans – Two Items I Can’t Wait to Wear this #Autumn

Hiya everyone,

I hope you are all having a brilliant weekend. Here in overcast England it is a bank holiday weekend! Although the weather leaves a lot to be desired, my weekend is going fantastically well as I had a little delivery from Mr Postman today….

Fat Face Kimono……..

2015-08-30 16.34.56For weeks I have been trying to decide whether or not to buy the “Hartland Aztec Kimono” in the colour: Indigo from Fat Face (for the second time). You see, the first time I bought it was when I was in Norfolk on holiday but I returned it just before we left for home after feeling that I had overspent after going a tad crazy in Burnham Market; needless to say I immediately regretted it.

Since then I have not been able to stop thinking about this damn kimono, so I have been on and off the Fat Face website viewing said kimono over and over trying to think of ways I can justify buying this amazingly perfect item. Then, about three days ago I was hovering over the item as I have done numerous time before and suddenly my finger clicked on it in the right size may I add, put it in the basket and bought it……naughty finger!

Anyway it arrived today and I was so so happy to see it and was even happier when I put it on and it looked like a dream. With the kimono being made from just 6% wool it does not feel scratchy against my skin and fits wonderfully, just as I remember it doing. Not only does it fit well but it is a really versatile item. I personally plan on wearing it over a cami top or crisp white blouse and pairing it with either jeans, leggings or chino style trousers.

If you are looking for a casual, lightweight and warm cardigan to wear in the fall then this is the perfect item. I absolutely adore the pattern and love the way it sits when I am wearing it.

Sainsburys Chunky Knit….

2015-08-30 16.36.00

Item number 2 is my chunky knit cardigan from Sainsburys. I have to admit, I really love most of the clothes at Sainburys and I always, always get distracted by the clothing section as soon as I step foot through the supermarket door.

It is so much easier to do my clothes shopping in the same place as I do my food shopping and I have found all of the clothes to be of great quality and they fit me well. For this reason, I continue to shop there for everything and anything from swim-wear, to lingerie, nightwear and clothing.

The other day as I innocently entered the store ready to do a big food shop, I was once again distracted and lured in by the lovely myriad of colours coming from the clothing isle in Sainsburys. Its a good job I was because I immediately set my eyes on a cosy looking cream edge to edge style long cardigan. Before I continue there is one thing you should know about me, I can not resist a good knit cardigan!

I was really shocked when i turned over the tag and it said £22. What a bargain! Obviously I bought it. This cardigan is going to be a staple item as I make the wardrobe transition from summer into autumn. It will look amazing when worn over t.shirt tops, vest tops and even cami tops (on those warmer days). I love the fact that it is long so it will cover my legs and keep me warm but I won’t get too hot because of the edge to edge style at the front which allows for plenty of air to pass through.


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