Newstead Abbey Food Festival – For the Foodies! #GFDF

Hello wonderful people,

I was “chocolatised”…

What a day we were having at the Newstead Abbey Food Festival. Eating nachos, sampling churros and getting stuck into pulled beef burgers with onions and mustard for lunch.

083 (Copy)

The best bit of the day so far was getting to meet so many amazingly talented people, but I have to say that one particular pop-up stood out a million miles.

So much so, that as soon as I stepped foot inside the food tent it caught my eye and there was no going back. Of course, only chocolate could have the power to control me in such a way. I had in fact set me eyes on the “Kacao Chocolaterie” stand.

009 (Copy)

Kelsey who hand crafts all of the unique confectioneries herself was so friendly from the minute I approached her and her chocolates looked heavenly. Not only were her stunning choccies well presented but they actually tasted incredible too; obviously I just had to sample some.

155 (Copy)

There were so many wonderful choices from hot apple, amaretto, strawberry, elederflower and bramble truffles to salted caramel hearts and lemon and poppyseed thins. This girl had been incredibly busy, but wow did it pay off because she stood out from the crowd.

I left with six wonderful choices all wrapped up in a delicate box tied up with ribbon. Knowing that I had a lovely raspberry gin truffle in the there  made it a real challenge for me not to open them as I was walking round.

153 (Copy)

Sugar coma…

By the time I got to meet the wonderful ladies at “Simply cakes by Catherine” I was actually feeling rather loaded with sugar, but I just couldn’t resist buying a few pieces to take home with me.

053 (Copy)

Simply Cakes is based in the East midlands. They specialise in making and delivering occasion cakes which are all individually designed.

We had a lovely chat with Catherine’s mum and auntie as Catherine herself wasn’t able to make it, both ladies were very welcoming, chatty and friendly and they really made buying cake a pleasant experience (just as buying some cake should be).

We walked away with the coffee and walnut and some seriously chocolaty looking chocolate cake! Yummmmm…

171 (Copy)

Manic for mallows…

Now, I love a good marshmallow so I couldn’t walk on by the “Naked Marshmallow Co” especially since there were so many incredible flavours available such as: candy floss, eaton mess (which happens to be a personal favourite of mine), coconut and peppermint and dark chocolate.

164 (Copy)

My husband and I are serious salted caramel fans so we ended up going home with a bag of these beauties, but honestly, I wish I had stocked up for those chilly winter nights spent by our fire pit toasting marshmallows. One thing I must point out about this company, is that they actually sell a marshmallow toasting kit.

080 (Copy)

I asked about the burners and they last a total of 2 hours but if you don’t think you will need to use it for that long in one go you can turn it off and then re-light it as and when needed. I think the marshmallow toasting kit which come with two bags of mallows and some skewers, would make a great Christmas or birthday present.

Dough-not feed me anymore…

014 (Copy)

To say I was full by the time I reached “The Phat Doughnut Co” was an understatement. I’m surprised I was able to walk there to be honest, but that cookies and cream looked too good to leave behind.

I have never come across this company before which is surprising because they are based in Nottingham and let me tell you fellow Nottingham people – they deliver! You heard me right, doughnuts to your door.

163 (Copy)

A little bird tells me they got their keys to the new shop not long ago which will be located in the market square, so its going to make buying these truly taste-bud tingling treats even easier!

Once I got home to my parents I did actually put the kettle on and we all got stuck in. All that could be heard for the next five minutes was “ohhhhh”, “ummmm” and “Arrrrrr”! Its safe to say there isn’t any left!

Happy snapping…

Here are a few more shots of other products I was impressed with on the day:

Walking it off…

All in all we had a great day which concluded with a gentle walk around the picturesque Abbey grounds. We will definitely be returning next year!


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