Newstead Abbey Food Festival – Much More Than Just Food! #GFDF

Hello fellow foodies and festival lovers,

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Something I have been looking forward to for some time is the Newstead Abbey Food Festival based in Nottinghamshire. This new event was organised by “Great Food and Drink Festivals” and supported by “Vision West Nottinghamshire College” which is actually where I study Makeup Artistry.

I purchased the tickets for myself and my husband as part of his birthday present hoping that as well as being able to sample and purchase some good food, we might also get to see chefs such as Chetna Makan who was a semi-finalist on Great British Bake Off in 2014. My husband and I are both true foodies and we love festivals, so no more explanation needed there.

What a welcome…

Newstead Abbey House and Gardens is the ancestral home to English Poet Lord Byron and luckily for us, we are only  a short drive away, so we managed to get there early and subsequently avoided the traffic jams and masses of people.

I never get tired of the long winding drive which leads to the Abbey (even when I walk it in the snow). When we got there, it wasn’t busy at all so the general feeling was a relaxed one.

We had chosen to go on a Sunday (the second day), which in my opinion is always a little calmer than the opening day. My first impressions when we arrived were that the house and gardens looked as grand as ever surrounded by the two lakes and gushing waterfall.

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The event itself was held on the side lawn area of the Abbey which I think was the ideal space for a small, well organised event such as this.

All of the stands were nicely laid out and it seemed like there were plenty of hot food choices from olives and nachos to ostrich burgers and kangaroo sausages. Being a curry lover, I was nicely surprised to see that Memsaab restaurant who are based in Nottingham were there, cooking up a storm.

Pearls and prettiness…

My first priority was of course shopping, so we set about browsing the various different stands. Immediately, the first stand caught my eye. In a little wooden dish at the front were some gorgeous elegant rings containing fresh water pearls, so like most jewellery loving women would, I bought two.

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They are imported by a company called “Freedom Tree” who are based in Eastwood in Nottingham. I love the fact that Sharon and Milla only import ethically sourced goods from Thailand ensuring their products are made in good working environments. All the materials used are from sustainable sources; they are reclaimed and where possible, eco- friendly.

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Ashby Aromatherapy…

Another stand I was particularly impressed with was “Ashby Aromatherapy“. There was a very calm and relaxing environment in this pop-up and Ash, the proprietor and aromatherapist was welcoming and friendly. He spent time with me in order to find the best treatment for my hands as I suffer with excema.

029 (Copy)

It turned out that I would benefit from using “Feel Good Hands” which, may I add smells heavenly and feels divine.

Not only is this particular treatment good for excema, it also increases blood flow and creates a warm feeling in your hands. Myself and my mum are both very impressed with this product, so much so that we were browsing the site for foot treatments and essential oils as soon as I got home.


Well-being 4 life operates at a number of craft fairs and pop-up shops in and around Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, but if you are not local to these areas why not check out their website.


Shawly I don’t have to wait until Christmas…

One product that I am going to be putting on my Christmas list this year is a shawl from “My Pink Elephant“. Their selection of shawls are some of the prettiest and most colourful I have ever seen and I must not forget to mention how incredibly soft they are.


I fell in love with one particular shawl which is woven in such a way that makes it double sided, so essentially you are getting two shawls for the price of one. Their shawls are made using either yaks wool, lambs wool or merino wool.


All of the products from this inspirational company are sourced directly from the artizans, so you can rest assured they are all made in the traditional way. I can’t wait for Christmas now.

To read part two, click here…


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