A Change will do you Good. Three #Autumn #Hair Colours you Should Know About…

Hello hello,

Hope you are all having a great start to the week.

Firstly here are two quotes to get us started:

“Life is too short to have boring hair”

“You have to have fun with hair, its a great accessory – play with it” Serge Normant


Wow I feel old…

My week has been rather nerve wracking as I began my college course today in Media Makeup and I am the oldest one on my course. To be honest I think I prefer it that way. All the girls are lovely or they seem it anyway, so I am hoping all will go smoothly for the next year or so.

Decisions, decisions…

Being at college today, surrounded by lots of hairdressers and their funky do’s got me thinking about what sort of colour I might like for the cooler months of the year; autumn to be specific. I am in desperate need of a change and with my favourite time of the year fast approaching, I feel it is only right that I make a decission on what I am going to choose; so I have made a shortlist of my favourite three:

Bronde –

As the name suggests, this fab colour is notย quiteย brown but its not blonde either.

It sits somewhere in between and just like the vast majority of red carpet royalty, famous bloggers and other super trendy style icons; I am loving it (in fact I reckon i have always been a bronde at heart, I just never knew it)!

I reluctantly embraced the ombre look last year but I felt that I lost quite alot of my natural hair colour; whereas the key to nailing 2015’s most popular colour is to have the majority of your natural base colour showing through, this way your hair also stays low maintenance.

A shimmer of a lighter shade which is carefully chosen in order to compliment your skin tone and eye colour, is then applied sparingly resulting in a very natural, subtle and healthy result. These following celebs have recently been spotted sporting their beautiful bronde locks: Cara Delevigne, Sarah Hyland and Lily James.


Chocolate –

The mere idea of having chocolate hair makes me feel happy inside; after all, it is chocolate! It’s all the things I love: its rich, its dark and its available in many different types.

If chosen correctly there is no reason why you won’t find a shade of chocolate that is compatible with your skin tone.

Raspberry tinted chocolate sounds too good to be true, but its not! In fact there are many different shade of chocolate brown to choose from such as: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and lets not forget about caramel chocolate, spicy chocolate and chocolate brownie! I think for me, chocolate might not be the perfect choice but for some it simply couldn’t be sweeter.


Rusted Copper –

I have to say that rusted copper sounds like the perfect autumn hair colour.

Its warm, attractive and its rich and to me, it depicts autumn wonderfully because like the season, it is such a beautiful and welcome change. Many of my favourite actresses have copper coloured hair; Alison Hannigan being one of them.

This shade looks awesome against pale skin and blue or green eyes. It also matches perfectly with all of those fashionable fall shades of browns, creams, beiges and even those new colours on the block for 2015: hunter green, camel, deep blue, raspberry, pumpkin and burgundy.

It is certainly eye catching and for me its one of the best!


Stay tuned for a before and after to see which colour I chose……


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