My College Make-Up Kit Bag!

Hi my lovely readers,

Wow I have not done a make-up blog post for what seems like ages. I have busy doing event write-ups but I am back now for a while.

I had my first proper day at college on Tuesday and I tried my hand at contouring. It looked really odd until it was all blended in, but I was really impressed with the finished results and I found it really interesting learning all about natural shadows on the face.

I am not allowed phones in college so it makes it hard to take pictures, but I will have a word with my tutor to see if I can snap some looks and put them up here; especially seeing as though we will be doing theatrical make-up soon.

Today I want to show you all what I have in my college makeup kit.

Before I started college it would have been really nice if someone had told me how college was going to be or what sort of kit I was going to get. Unfortunately no one was there to do that so I figured It would help some of you who are going to be going to college to study make-up If I put a: “What’s In My Kit” post up!

I got all of my kit from Charles H Fox in Covent Garden which is a professional make-up centre for film, TV, theatre and fashion, so all of the make-up and accessories in my kit is by Kryolan as this is the preferred choice for a course like mine which focuses on photographic, theatrical, TV, fashion and film make-up.

My kit didn’t actually come with a bag so I bought one separately and I am super impressed with it. It is see through which makes finding things so much easier. I have to say I don’t think it will be used for my kit for that long because I am planning on getting an all-singing all-dancing bag for my Christmas pressie but it will do fine for now.

I cannot wait to go and visit the Charles H Fox store. I am in London in December so I am going to be making a bee-line for the Charles Fox Professional Make-Up Centre as soon as I get there.

I will leave you with some images of my make-up kit:

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