How to Get Creative in the Home on a Budget!

Good day wonderful people,

Two perfectly suited quotes for todays post:

“Creativity is the intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye” – Dorothy Parker

When my husband and I bought our first house I was trying to think of ways to inject a bit of “me” into it without having to spend lots of money. Β I also wanted to create things that were elegant and pretty, so in order to keep cost down I set about creating new looks from objects that I already had:

Bird Cage renovation…

My bedroom is a base colour of cream (carpets, three walls and curtains. One wall is painted in Laura Ashley Chalk Pink). I like my bedroom to look and feel fresh but I didn’t want it to look boring, so to prevent this from happening I added many shades of light pinks and creams by using soft furnishings and other accessories.

I have been told that the finished result looks really pretty, but there is one piece that always grabs people’s attention. This particular piece is a bird cage. Its not just any bird cage though; it is one that I took and personalised by using flowers, fairy lights, spray paint, dragonflies and pink shredded paper.

The cage was originally from the Pier (I don’t know if anyone remembers that shop). The Pier was my fave shop in town but it has been closed down for some time now and honestly, I have never found another shop like it.

The bird cage was a present that my ex bought me, I have had it for about 10 years but felt that it was well overdue a makeover so I turned it from a normal looking cream decorative bird cage into this (it looks so lovely when I turn the fairy lights on at night):

Bird Cage originally from the Pier
Bird Cage originally from the Pier

Picture Frame Perfection…

I love pictures on my wall but often they are really expensive to buy and if you are on a tight budget it’s not possible to keep buying things for the home.

To create this look, I bought a really cheap picture frame then took a trip to one of the large home-ware stores and chose some wall-paper that really caught my eye. I ripped a sample size off big enough for the picture frame then took it home, cut it to size and popped it in the frame.

It looks really classy on my wall and I always get comments about how nice it is.

This was the end result:

Picture Frame with Pretty Wallpaper
Picture Frame with Pretty Wallpaper

Tea Pot Temptation…

I always try and think outside the box when I am doing things for the home, I like to be different and I think I achieved it with this next look.

I was going through my cupboards one day and came across a tea pot that I bought about four years ago. I have never used it and felt disappointed that it was going to waste just sitting in the back of my cupboard, so I took it out and popped it on the table in the kitchen.

After about two days I realised what I needed to do with it. I contacted my florist friend who did my wedding flowers and asked her to find my some false flowers that would fit in the top of it. Finally she manged to source some that suited my teapot perfectly. I was really happy with the finished result, it looks right at home on the kitchen table and I get to look at my lovely teapot every day :

Vintage Style Teapot
Vintage Style Teapot

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