Three deliciously warming meals for the colder months…

Hello again,

Brrrrrr….where’s the summer gone?


I am in love with autumn (as you may have already guessed).

I love the colours, the cosy jumpers, pumpkins, conkers, Halloween and country walks but there is no denying it; since we have made that transition out of summer, the temperature has certainly dropped a degree or two.

I don’t know if i’m the only one that’s feeling the drop, but I have had my heating on for the past week or so (don’t tell my other half). Due to the decline in temperature, I have found myself naturally turning to warmer foods at lunch time instead of having the usual sandwich or salad.

I have been trying to think of meals that I can take with me to college. They need to be meals that are easy to reheat, don’t take too long to eat and they also need to keep me full until dinner time; which in our house is at about 6pm.

I love soup but I always feel like it is floating on my tummy and sloshing around once iv eaten it, which would be fine if I were going to be spending the day at home relaxing but when i’m at college I need to feel comfortable and I need to be able to move about quite a lot. For this reason I haven’t recommended it in this post (I do have some great soup recipes though which I will share with you soon).

So here they are, my final top three deliciously warming meals for the colder months:


I have just this minute finished a bowl of home-made Beef Stew with dumplings and a fresh baguette. Eating stew for the first time since January has reminded me just how much I love it. For this reason it has made my top three.

When I am making a stew I literally put anything in it that is going to add flavour (even Marmite). I also use any spare gravy that is in the fridge; this also helps to get the taste buds tingling!

Sausage Casserole…

Sausage Casserole is honestly one of my all time favourites for the winter months. I love the way sausages taste when they have been cooked in a hot-pot with all those lovely ingredients. I put beaked beans in mine as well as tomato sauce, tinned tomatoes and Worcestershire sauce and the usual veggies!

Put it this way, mine can’t taste too bad because the last time I made it for some friends they had three helpings!

Shepards Pie…

Ummmm what could possibly be tastier than hot Shepards Pie? The rich dark gravy bubbling around the edges of the dish, succulent mince topped with smooth creamy mash finished with layers of melted cheddar cheese.

I usually make a big batch then pop it in a microwavable Sistema tub which is just the right size for a lunchtime portion. I then reheat it at college.

Try something different…

If you fancy doing something different with your classic meals; Sainsburys are currently promoting their: “Twist Your Favourites” which is designed to encourage you to add new and exciting flavours to your recipes by incorporating ingredients such as: horseradish sauce to your Mac ‘n’ Cheese, anchovies to your Shepards Pie or dark chocolate to your Chilli Con Carne.

The recipes look really nice and I have to say I can’t wait to try adding some cranberry sauce to my Cheese Toastie (seriously drooling over here).

You are probably all really hungry now…sorry about that!


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