Clumber Park Festival of Food and Drink 2015 – (Part 1/2)

I know, I know; another Food and drink festival I hear you say!

I just can’t seem to keep away from them, but do you know what? I really do have the most amazing time at these types of events. I honestly believe that the relaxed atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyable moments are infectious and that’s all down to the many different types of people that attend. At this particular event, everyone from the stall-holders to the celebrity chefs and organisers were very friendly and welcoming.

The 15,000 plus visitors that turned up to the Festival of Food and Drink at Clumber Park this year certainly made it a weekend to remember and I heard it from the horse’s mouth that this year was the busiest and best to date.

I have to admit, Clumber Park which is based in Worksop in Nottinghamshire is one of my all-time favourite National Trust venues, so it was an absolute joy to be able to go along on the Sunday and document the day.

Set in more than 3,800 acres, the stunning expanse of parkland, woods and health make it the ideal location for this hugely popular event which is back by popular demand for the third year running.

As well as the many stall-holders who were there to showcase their vast array of tasty cuisine and refreshing beverages; we were lucky enough to be graced with the stunning voices of both: John Adams whose album in 2014 received a five star rating and UK singer/songwriter Vince Freeman who you may recognise from the much-loved British TV show: “The Voice”.

With me being the total food enthusiast that I am, I just love connecting with the many food-based businesses that really catch my eye; not only so I can tell all of you about these delicious products, but so that I can support them in their mission to grow and develop. During my travels I always come across a select few businesses that sell gorgeous non-food products. Because I am someone who loves beautiful things, I am instantly drawn in and then because I am just naturally inquisitive, I have to find out more.

Snail Pottery…

If like me, you are crazy about homey things (as I call them); you will simply adore everything in Lincolnshire based, Snail Pottery’s collection of hand-made ceramic goods. As soon as I saw the table, which may I add was presented beautifully with eye-catching ceramic gifts and tableware; I just had to stop and chat (as us women do).

I later discovered that the very endearing Andi assists her husband Bob who is a qualified potter and creates this amazing pottery from the comfort of their own home-based studio. The wonderfully designed pottery is like nothing I have ever seen before so if you are searching for a very special piece, Snail Pottery is the place to start.

clumber-candle-holderAmong Snail Pottery’s vast collection, you can find individually designed:

  • Jugs
  • Bowls
  • Tea Pots
  • Tea cups
  • Nightlights and much more

One particular piece that caught my eye from the very beginning was an elegant and intricately designed candle/tea light holder.

As you can see from my pictures, it appears absolutely stunning when in use and it looks as if had been made for my livingroom table. To say I am thrilled is an understatement. I will definitely be returning for more beautiful goods made by this extremely talented couple.

If you fancy purchasing a piece of Snail Pottery for yourself, click here! Alternatively you can follow them on Facebook where you will find not only many five-star ratings and glowing testimonials from previous customers; you will also be able to see all the dates for up and coming events that Snail Pottery will be attending in the near future as well as the newest additions to the collection.

Orchid Interiors…

As I was leaving the craft tent, I spotted two lovely ladies to the left of me who were looking very glamorous as they stood behind their large table which was filled abundantly with what I like to call: “my kind of goods”.

After browsing their lovely array of gorgeous accessories for the home, I discovered that the two wonderful ladies Susan and Lesley are in fact friends as well as business partners and had travelled from Ashover in Derbyshire to stand at the two day event.

The products on their stall ranged from cute little eggs cups to beautiful wool throws and matching cushions by Bronte; all of which I am pleased to say are made in Britain which I think is ideal for those who are looking to purchase something authentic and of great quality! It was a real homely store and in my opinion it was exactly what the Festival of Food and Drink needed.

Out of all the items they had brought with them, one particular range of products caught my eye. Right in the middle of the table was a big collection of products from Mary Berry’s Kitchen range. The products which comprised of: mugs, gifts, flour shakers, cake forks, bowls, tins and more were easy on the eye but really attractive so they would fit nicely in to any modern country style kitchen.

At the front of the table there was a beautiful little “treat time” service bell, like the ones you would find in an old fashioned sweet, toy shop or doctors surgery. I am kicking myself for not buying it because for one it was very reasonably priced and two, it was very pretty and would have looked gorgeous in my kitchen. I must get in touch with ladies to purchase one.

In the end I just couldn’t resist the Grapefruit and Mimosa Reed Diffuser by Stoneglow Candles, London. Now, I have had many reed diffusers which have cost me a lot of money but none of them have smelt anywhere near as beautiful as this. It truly is the nicest scent and it fills up every inch of my livingroom with succulent tangy grapefruit and sweet fruity blackcurrant and apple. The bottle is pretty stylish too so it looks really nice on my bay window sill.

Ashby Aromatherapy

As well as connecting with new businesses, it was nice that I got the opportunity to be able to stop and catch up with a few individuals who I have spoken with in the past.

One man that I look forward to seeing at events such as these is Ash Meredith. Ash really is a very talented man and I can honestly say that all of his products work a treat.

The first time I saw Ash was at an event at Newstead Abbey where I took away a bottle of “Feel Good Hands” which I was told contained properties that are known to help with excema. By the third day of using this product my eczema was considerably better and now a few weeks later after using it once or twice weekly, it has gone completely.

The things that comes across most when talking with Ash, is that he is truly passionate about what he does, he is very knowledgeable and will go out of his way to ensure that he meets all of your requirements.

I can see from using a few of “Ashby Aromatherapy” products that they use only the highest quality, natural ingredients. The thoughtfully created range of products on offer should be enough to assure you that this Lincolnshire-based business has nothing but the customer’s best interests at heart.

I am now the lucky owner of: “Feel Fresh Hands” and “Feel Warm Hands”. I can’t wait to start using them because for one, they smell incredible but two, they really do what they say they will!

If you want to try any of Ash’s products you can contact him here for some good sound advice on which products would be best suited to your complaints.

To read all about mouth-watering food and John Torode’s appearance in the cookery marquee (tent as he called it!) as well as his VIP book signing, click here which will take you to part 2 of Clumber Park Festival of Food and Drink…


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