Five Autumn Must Haves…

Hi my lovely readers and fellow bloggers,

I have to tell you that whilst I am writing this I am sitting under my warm furry blanket with a Pumpkin Spice candle burning . Yesss. This is what it’s all about….

In my opinion autumn/fall should be embraced and celebrated; after all it is the most amazing, pretty and enjoyable time of the year!

I also see autumn as a chance to indulge in a few nice things, so today I want to show you five things that I will be purchasing over the next week or so:

New Slippers…

Amazing slippers by Classic Sheepskins
Amazing slippers by Classic Sheepskins

As I was scrolling through Facebook I saw a page out of the corner of my eye called: “Classic Sheepskins“. Now I am anywhere for some sheepskin and because this company have a range of: slippers, boots, rugs and other accessories, I jut had to take a look.

As I was browsing I spotted some amazing New Zealand made slippers called: “Snuggle Feet“. They look so soft and warm and hopefully they will be hard-wearing too. I need a pair of slippers that last rather than spending £12 on a pair that break after three weeks.

Door Wreath:

What is autumn without a fab now door wreath. I have to say that arriving home to lots of vibrant autumnal colours makes me a very happy person, so I just have to invest in a new wreath for my front door. These ones are particularly nice.

I found them on a website called: “Adore“. I think these particular wreaths look very classy and welcoming and most of all they have depicted autumn beautifully in the way they have executed each one. My personal fave is: “Autumn Glory” which is made up of rosehips, chinese lanterns and walnuts – it is simply perfect in my opinion!

Lipstick from Mac:


Just by changing your lipstick, you can change the whole look of your makeup so by adding a lovely new Mac lipstick to the mix, I can bring my makeup out of summer and into autumn effortlessly.

Of course, there are many Mac lipsticks that I love, so I always knew that the task of choosing a new one was going to be tricky, but I have managed to get it down to three.

These are: Mac Viva Glam 1 (all money made from the sale of Viva lipstick goes to the Mac Aids Fund), Chili and Ruby Woo. All three of these colours look good on me and I think that they are ideal for autumn. Now I just have to pick one!

New Candle:


I took a trip to the Gonalston Farm Shop in Nottinghamshire yesterday and I saw some amazing candles. Now please correct me if i’m wrong, but nothing says autumn better than the warming scent of a seasonal candle drifting through the house.

I usually find it difficult to find candles that I immediately love the smell of, but when I took the lid of these little beauties; I was honestly in heaven for a second or two. They are made by a company called “Pintails“. The ones I particularly liked are: “Christmas Spice“, “Fig and Wild Pear” and I have to say that the “Warm Mince Pie” was absolutely divine.


Wellibobs by Joules
Wellibobs by Joules

As many of you may already know, I attend a lot of country fairs, food festivals, music festivals and craft fairs; most of which are held outside. Being outside is fine as long as I have the right footwear.

I have plenty of pairs of boots and wellies sitting in my cupboard at home, so I am getting a little fed up of not being able to chose the perfect pair for the event that I need to attend; which usually results in me having a slight meltdown just before we leave.

In the end I figured that I perhaps need yet another new pair of boots, yes I know, my husband won’t be happy but I have my reasons for the new purchase (as us women always do).

I find my wellies are too long, my Dubarry’s are a little too warm at the moment and my mucker style boots are too heavy; oh and then there is my Uggs which quite frankly I just don’t fancy getting ditched.

So this lead me into making the decision that I do in fact need some: “Short Wellibobs from Joules“. They are pretty lightweight, fleece-lined and they protect my feet from that early morning damp grass and often sludgy mud.

I am on to a winner here, I love them and mine (not on picture) are in one of my fave colours: purple. All my problems are solved. That is, until the weather changes again!

Hope you liked my “Five Auntumn Must Haves”. Stay tuned for my write-up of the “Southwell Ploughing Match” which will be coming soon!

Oh before I go I am going to be honest here…whilst looking for an appropriate “Featured Image” I was faced with hundreds of images of oranges and yellows and pumpkins and leaves and oh my days, it all got a bit much and I squeeled slightly in excitement! Ha ha….

Lots of love

Carrie (Pearlie Pumpkin)



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