Serenity Retreat’s First Birthday Celebrations and My First Dermalogica Facial…

Not long ago I was invited by the lovely Schannelle Ricketts – who is the owner of Serenity Retreat Spa in Nottingham – to go and celebrate the salons first birthday with her and the rest of the team.

I will be honest here, I haven’t been to a salon for a treatment for a few months because I don’t seem to have had the time; so it was a real luxury for me to be able to go along to such a beautiful and relaxing place and be pampered for a little while.

Although I have been to salons, I have obviously never been to Serenity Retreat so I had no idea what to expect other than that I was going to be having a Dermalogica facial. I know a little bit about Dermalogica because I am a Make-up student and at our college we use the Dermalogica range, but I have never had a facial before, so I was really excited.

Meeting Serenity…

My first impression of the salon was that it was light and airy, well presented and professional. The salon had a boutique feel to it and the addition of candles were a perfect compliment to the reception room.

I was greeted warmly by Schannelle who was really friendly and welcoming. She immediately took me through to the lavishly decorated backroom where there was a beautifully laid table which was filled with cake and other bits of delicious looking food. Of course I had to sample one of the wonderful looking beauty themed cakes which had been made by “Cube Cakes” in Nottingham; I can report that they were just as tasty as they looked.

I had a little time to sip on some shloer whilst I filled out my consultation form and I also managed to have a chat with my therapist for the day – Miriam. She explained that she had just finished her Dermalogia training at Derby University and was now able to offer some of the Dermalogica treatments at the salon. She told me that she will be returning shortly to undertake further training so that she will be able to offer the full range to Serenity’s clients.

After a while Miriam took me upstairs to the treatment room and yes you guessed it, it was also wonderfully decorated and I definitely felt like I was entering a spa. The lighting was turned down low, gentle relaxing music played in the background and the mix of different textures made for a really calming environment; in fact it was so nice I could have stayed in there all day.

I was given some privacy to prepare for the treatment and after about ten minutes Miriam came back in, covered me up with a snugly blanket and began whats called the Dermalogica “Speed Mapping” process. This is where the facial skin is examined under a light in order to determine what type of skin you have and what areas of your face cause the most problems.

I was pleased to know that my skin was pretty much faultless but I was surprised to find that my skin type is: “dry”. I would never have thought that but now I know, I can treat my skin at home appropriately.

I particularly liked how Miriam talked me through each step, explaining exactly what she was going to be doing and which products she was going to be using. First of all a cleanser was applied to my face in order to remove my make-up, then the exfoliator was applied, then the toner and after that the moisturiser. Each step was truly heavenly.

Miriam was really gentle and certainly has the magic touch. I actually could have fallen asleep; especially when the steam was applied to my face. It was so warm and refreshing, I was quite sad when she removed it to finish my facial.

At the end of my treatment I was given a “Skin Analysis” sheet to take home with me. When you have a treatment such as this, the therapist will be the one to fill it out and it basically shows you what sort of products are best for your skin type. It also details the areas on your face that have sensitivity/redness, dehydration, pigmentation or fine lines for example.

Although I didn’t purchase any products on the day, I will certainly be looking into buying some in the future as I have noticed lately that my skin is requiring a little more attention. It will be really handy for me to look back at the Skin Analysis sheet for reference when the times comes.

Once the facial was over I was taken back downstairs and given a very nice goody bag to take home with me. What a prefect end to a perfect afternoon.

My final thoughts…

It is clear to see that Schannelle has invested a lot of time, money and effort into this salon. No expense has been spared; both the equipment and furniture are beautiful, the products are of the highest quality, the salon is clean and tidy and the staff are truly passionate about what they do. For this reason among others, I cannot wait to get my next fix of a mini spa experience. I can safely say that I will most definitely be returning to Serenity Retreat but next time I will be booking in for a full Dermalogica facial massage.

If you want to take a look at what sort of treatments Schannelle and the team offer, take a look here

Thank you for having me ladies and for giving me a real spa experience.


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