Zoeva Delivery – The kind of Delivery that I Love

So many brushes…

I have been hearing great things about many different makes of brushes at college from the other students, but I began to get a little confused about which ones would be right for me so in order to get things straight I approached my tutor and asked her what her opinion was about which brushes I should purchase; taking into consideration the fact that I do not yet practice as a trained make-up artist.

I told her that I didn’t have a huge budget yet I required something luxurious that was good value for money. Many of my college friends have been talking about the “Real Techniques Bold Metal” range at Boots which I have to say, I absolutely adore but at the moment they are sadly a bit out of my budget; so I made the decision to go with my tutors advice of purchasing the: “Zoeva” brush set.

I took the plunge and ordered the: “Rose Gold Vol 2” set from Beauty Bay, I even received a free pot of mineral foundation powder which I thought was a pretty good deal.

IMG_7502 (Copy)

I was so excited to see the post man bringing them to my door but sadly I was feeling a little rundown so as much as I wanted to open them, I made myself wait until I could really appreciate them. Eventually, when I was feeling better, I opened them and I am so glad I waited.

They are prefect and actually, I am really surprised at how soft they feel and especially with how nice and evenly the foundation goes onto my skin. I have, until now been an avid sponge user when it comes to applying foundation but these brushes have really converted me and I doubt very much that I will be going back to using a sponge.

I have always thought that there is a lot of wasted foundation when applying it with a sponge and I think I was right because I have been using a lot less foundation since applying it with a brush: bonus!

As well as being impressed with the way the brushes apply product to my skin so far (I haven’t yet used all of the brushes), I am also absolutely loving the appearance of them, not to mention the classy little make-up bag that they come in which I can use for other bits of make-up as I keep my brushes in a stand on my chest of drawers.

All in all these fab mid-range brushes get a big thumbs up from me and I am sure they will do me just fine as I continue with my training at college.

More brushes…

Some other purchases that I made this week were: “Real Techniques Core Collection Kit” for the face and some amazingly funky pink hair dye, both of which were from Boots.

IMG_7522 (Copy)

The hair dye which is called “Bleach” apparently comes out after 2 or 3 washes. Β I don’t know if I dare do it just in case it doesn’t wash out, but if I do, I will probably just do a dip dye kind of application so that I do not have to worry about removing a whole head of colour if I don’t like it.

Thanks for reading lovelies

Lots of love

Pearlie Pumpkin



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