Glossy Box – Under the Halloween Tree

Hi all,

Happy Friday wonderful people!!

I have been really looking forward to getting my first ever “Glossy Box” but unfortunately it was taking ages to arrive, missing in action maybe?…

2015-10-23 15.33.57

Oh Glossy Box, where are you…

I was in bed last night at about 11.30 after returning from an event in Nottingham. I just happened to mention to my husband that I hadn’t received my “Glossy Box” and wasn’t sure why. He suddenly chirps up “Oh there is a box down the side of the house, is that it?”…Honestly men!

I dread to think how long it has been there, but after sending my husband outside to fetch it from the side of the house at 11.30pm, I finally got to open my box, albeit a bit late. Thankfully it wasn’t damaged even if it was slightly damp after having been out in the rain!

Anyway because I have also done a vlog for this months Glossy Box, I thought I would just pop in some pictures of my goodies which I photographed in our “Halloween Tree” (a tree that we have decorated for Halloween and will also be decorating for Christmas).

Thank you for reading and see you all again soon



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