Filthy Dogs, Heavenly Cocktails and Live Music…Oh What a Night!

I don’t venture into Nottingham that often in the evenings (something I am trying to change), so when I received an invite to attend “Filthy’s 2nd Birthday Celebrations” I jumped at the chance to get out and have what I knew would be a fun-filled evening.

I have heard great things about live music venue: “Filthy’s” (which is also home of night club: The Gypsy Lounge) over the past two years from various friends and family members, but I never imagined that I would have such a fab evening meeting new people, sampling scrumptious hot dogs and drinking divine cocktails; oh and let’s not forget about the talented musicians who both did a great job of entertaining us throughout the evening.

First Impressions…

What struck me most about the venue was how inviting and friendly the staff were and then of course because I am a lover of interior design, I noticed the decor. On the evening the venue was decked out with “Licor43” balloons, garlands and other gold accessories which certainly contributed to Filthy’s already warm and inviting atmosphere.

I am a real fan of the industrial style design, so the bare brick walls (some covered with records) and glass jar style lighting got a big thumbs up from me and subsequently gave the place a real edgy finish. The addition of lit candelabras, gilt mirrors, dark wood antique furniture and a stags head mounted on the wall were a great combination which made me feel right at home.

As the live music played in the background, guests were laughing and talking and looked to be having a great evening, which proved to me that Filthy’s was doing a grand job of living up to its reputation of being one of the best live music venues in town.

Meeting Licor43…

Upon entering Filthy’s I was handed some tickets which would allow me to purchase drinks throughout the evening, so like any cocktail loving individual would; I headed to the bar to order.

I am not the best at making decisions so when I got to the bar I had no idea which Cocktail to try; especially since I was faced with such an amazing menu. Luckily the bar staff were on hand to make the decision for me and wow what a great decision they made!

The “Golden Touch” which contained Licor43, Disaronno Amaretto and sweet and sour mix, topped with lemonade; was served in a Kilner style jam jar (always a winner with me), but I have to say it was gone in a grand total of 3 minutes.

This could have had something to do with the fact that I was thirsty but honestly, it was most probably because the golden liquid it contained was so insanely delicious. In fact it was so delicious, I went on to order three more which I may have regretted the next day, but at the time I could have drunk a great deal more than four.

The brand behind Filthy’s incredible cocktails is called “Licor43” and on the evening I was lucky enough to meet Brand Advocate: Elivia Frixou who chatted with me about the Award Winning Licquor which with its aromatic citrus essences and vanilla/caramel taste; really does, as the brand claims: “taste of Spain”.

Filthy Dogs…

Not only was it Filthy’s 2nd Birthday celebrations, it was also the launch of the brand new food menu aka: “Filthy Dogs”. You can probably guess already where we are going with this; yes the clue is in the name.

Filthy’s have introduced a new food concept to Nottingham – hot dogs – and wow what a fab menu they have too. Nottingham has needed a dam good hot dog eatery for some time now, so I say let’s make the most of it now it’s here!

I sampled every type of hot dog at the launch and I can tell you, there isn’t one that I wouldn’t recommend; even the vegetarian option is truly yummy and I am not usually a great lover of vegetarian options but I would happily order it upon return.

On the evening I was given a full sized hot dog to take home with me which was called the: “Bacon Bacon Dog”. I absolutely love my food and am a rather tough one to please when it comes to hot dogs mainly because in my opinion I make the best; well I thought I did but I am sorry to say that my “hot dog special” as I call it has been put to shame by the almighty Bacon Bacon Dog; it is most definitely the baconnaise that did it. That dreamy own brand sauce will certainly keep me coming back for more.

I even managed to grab two minutes with Craig Poynter (owner of Filthy’s) who along with his team of three others which includes: the chef, the social media guru and his partner; puts blood, sweat and tears into making this new concept the best in town.

Craig who comes from a strong catering background told me that his inspiration for “Filthy Dogs” came from realising that every nearby town offered hot dogs in some form apart from Nottingham; all Nottingham had was a burger shack which is fine, but not everyone wants a burger.

Well now good people of Nottingham, you have choices in the form of “El Filthy Dog”, “Filthy Southern Blues Dog”, “The Classic New York” and my personal favourite, the “Bacon Bacon Dog”!

Who needs a burger when you can have tasty, tongue tingling, mouth-watering hot dogs which are made from the finest produce in Nottingham (we have Owen Taylor and Sons Ltd Butchers to thank for that) and then served in freshly baked to order buns. If you don’t think the hot dog alone would be enough to fill that hungry tum of yours, you could always order a side of hot and crispy onion rings or potato wedges.

Some more photographs from a really great evening:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you fancy heading over to Filhy’s which is situated in the traditional Lace Market, take a look here for further info.

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