Hot Chocolate and an Autumnal walk

Hey guys,

I hope your Monday has been a good one.

My husband has the week off this week so we decided to round up Munchkin Pumpkin (Joseph, our son) and Buddy our dog and head over to one of our all time fave places – Clumber Park which is an expanse of parkland located about half an hour from where we live. It is a gorgeous place full of trees and wildlife but I have to say at this time of year, it is more beautiful than ever.

I got my Dubarry Boots out for the first time since Jan/Feb time, put on my new winter coat and scarf and embraced the stunning autumnal weather. I don’t think my son or husband ever feel the cold because as usual they were quite happy to throw a jumper on.

Whilst we were there I took some photos for you all so that you can see for yourself just how beautiful this place really is. We even stopped for hot chocolate and cake (my absolute favourite).

Thanks for reading





4 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate and an Autumnal walk

  1. HI, Carrie. Thanks for the follow. I am enjoying my visit to your little corner of the blogosphere. Nice post on your walk. I am big on walking out in nature as well.


    1. Hi Tony sorry for the late reply. I have no idea how I missed this comment. Sorry.
      Aww I am glad you are enjoying my blogs. Thank you. :). I love being out in the open which reminds me that I need to get out more. Xx


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