My New Cosmetics Arrived – Inc Vlog!

Hi guys,

I have had a delivery. Oh my goodness, I honestly love it when the postman comes to my door with a lovely package but I think we all do, don’t we?

A while back I was approached by “Anubis Barcelona” – a cosmetics company that specialise in anti-ageing treatments as well as facial care and maintenance for all skin types. Anubis provide beauty centers, spa’s, hotels, medical spa’s and aesthetic clinics where they offer the most advanced¬†professional beauty treatments on the market.


About four weeks ago they asked if I would do some reviews of their products, which in fact came just at the right time because I was actually thinking of buying some new skin care products anyway but was having a hard time deciding which ones to choose.

After taking a look at their extensive range of facial treatments, I chose to review three items which were:

  • Anubis Total Hydrating Cleansing Cremi-gel 250ml
  • Anubis Total Hydrating Thermal Toner 250ml
  • Vital Line Exfoliating Gel – Facial Scrub with Flower Extract 2ooml


This morning they arrived so I did a vlog to tell you a little bit about them. I will also be doing a follow up vlog/blog to tell you how I got along with them. P.s Sorry about the odd facial expression lol…

Thanks for Watching everyone…

Lots of love




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