Lush Haul…Inc Vlog

Hi gorgeous people,

So right now I am sitting writing this post with glitter all over my face and I am loving it.

My husband and I went to the Intu Centre in Derby today for a bit of lunch and some shopping (of course). I couldn’t help but pay Lush a visit. The smell coming from the shop just pulls me right in every time and I also knew that there was going to be some amazing goodies in there with it coming up to Halloween and Christmas time.

What i bought…

So I grabbed myself a Halloween Starbucks and began the shopping spree…


I ended up spending rather a lot but I also got rather a lot of truly amazing goodies. Oh gosh I am so excited to use every single one of these products. In fact you can see from watching my vlog just how excited I am!

Here are the names of the products that I bought:

The Experimenter –


The Experimenter” Smells like bonfire night and certainly looks like a load of wonderfully coloured fireworks going off in your bath from what I have heard. Seriously, this even has popping candy in it…

Holly Golightly –


Holly Golightly” Smells in my opinion like it would if you were to walk through a fresh pine forest. It really is a rather refreshing smell yet comforting at the same time. Lush advises that you break the bar into two then crumble under running water.

Sparkly Pumpkin –


Sparkly Pumpkin” was a must buy for me. Not only does it look freaking amazing but it smells it too. Oh, not forgetting my name “Pearlie Pumpkin” (I love everything pumpkin related).  I literally cant imagine how good I will feel when lying in this little beauty; especially since it contains juniper, lime and grapefruit which are refreshing yet warming which is ideal for these cool Oct/Nov evenings!

The Magic of Christmas –


The Magic of Christmas” just makes me feel so happy and terribly excited for Christmas to arrive. I am like a big kid in the festive season and I feel like I am the only one out of my family who really still believes in the magic of Christmas which is a bit sad. This wonderful reusable bubble bar is the ultimate bath companion in my opinion for someone who really ants to keep the magic alive at Christmas and if you watch my video you will discover something else about this bar. I know I am going to be getting through more than one of these between now and December. Eeeeek.

Fairy Dust –


Fairy Dust“, in my opinion smells so nice you could eat it. To find out what I did with it watch the video below…rather funny. I don’t get out that often so I am just going to cover myself in this when I have been in the bath and just before I get into a bed full of fresh sheets. Oh wow, I can just imagine it now!

Cranberry –


Cranberry Face Mask” Yet another festive product! I always get paranoid that my face will get really dry and rough around winter time; especially since it is prone to getting dry anyway, so I was really happy to see this little beauty sitting on ice at the Lush store. For now I have popped it in the fridge to keep it fresh until I use it.

Rosy Cheeks –


Rosy Cheeks” actually contains Turkish Rose Oil which is renowned for calming the skin which again is ideal for the harsh winter months. I am actually going to use this tonight while I sit in my bath of glitter, sparkles and smelly heaven.

Take a look at my video as I go through my new purchases (still trying to get the lighting right):

Thank you for reading





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