Licor43 – Much More Than Just a Drink

My first experience of Licor43…

I first met Elivia from Licor43 at an event at Filthy’s in Nottingham where I was invited to go along for the launch of their new hot dog menu. On the night and upon entering Filthy’s I was greeted by lots of impressive golden balloons and garlands which were draped around chairs, candelabras and mirrors. I was then handed a couple of vouchers which enabled me to purchase some Licor43 cocktails from the bar throughout the evening.

Now, if I am being honest, I don’t actually like the taste of alcohol which is why I really only ever drink it once or twice a year, but this incredible liquid honestly changed the way I think about alcohol – it is truly delicious. In fact I loved it so much I actually ended up having a grand total of four cocktails (in the form of “Golden Touch”); which for me is almost unheard of. The sweet, creamy taste and moorish flavours won me over from the very first sip.

There’s more to it than meets the eye…

There is of course more to this golden Spanish Liquor than first meets the eye. The exact recipe for the drink remains a tightly held secret by the Zamora family, who to this day continue to produce the liquor on the Mediterranean shore. Although the full recipe won’t ever be revealed, the powerful yet subtle tastes of citrus essence, vanilla and a hint of caramel are certainly at the forefront.

I have never come across a drink so unique in taste as Licor43 which I believe is down to the exact process of preparation the award winning drink goes through before being left to age for six to nine months in stainless steel tanks. What makes Licor43 more appealing to me, is the fact that it can be added into cocktails, deserts, coffee and it can also be made into luxurious tasting mini beer – watch this video to see how.

With me being a big foodie (as some of you already know); I will now be searching for desert recipes on the Licor43 website which will allow me to share this incredible taste of Spain with the rest of my family over the Christmas period. I have to say the Cacao Pudding is looking mighty appealing.

If you are the type of person who prefers to drink your alcohol rather than eat it, there are plenty of cocktail recipes also on the website which I have to say look absolutely heavenly. I particularly like the look of the Blanco 43 Cinnamon which would be ideal for the colder months as it incorporates that popular winter spice. If a warmer drink is something you would like to try during the cold spell, I would highly recommend the Choco Glow 43 which gives traditional hot choccy a run for its money. It would go down a real treat when snuggled up on the sofa on a chilly winters evening. I think you can tell I have a sweet tooth can’t you?

Of course there are more than plenty summer classic cocktail recipes with a twist such as: Cheeky Peachy 43, Strawberry Crush 43, Summer Thyme 43 and Pink Kiss 43.

We decided to drink ours with a simple splash of ice cold lemonade at home which honestly, although very plain and simple; allowed us to taste the liquor really well and it was just as heavenly as I remembered it to be.

If I were to buy any alcohol in the future for a special occasion such as Christmas, I wouldn’t think twice about purchasing this product over any other on the market for it really is unique, delicious, versatile and more than anything; its not just a drink, it’s an experience.



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