Spooky Day Out at Chatsworth!

I absolutely love Halloween and I happen to also love Chatsworth House so when the opportunity arose for me to attend what’s called the “Halloween Hoot” at the Chatsworth Estate, I of course jumped at the chance.

This post is going to be a little bit different to the others that I have done. I am going to tell the story of our day mainly in pictures. Chatsworth is such a stunning place; especially at this time of year and seeing as though we managed to get so many wonderful shots, I thought I would use them as the main part of this post.

An early morning strole in the grounds…

We arrived nice and early so that we could get a parking space as we knew that with this event being a popular one, we would have struggled to get one if we had left home too late in the day. The good thing about arriving early was that we got to take the dogs on a walk around the stunning estate which was covered in a blanket of thick eerie fog (perfect for Halloween). We took a strole along the still lake, admired the beautiful house and let my son play under the bridge in his scary costume where he enjoyed frightening visitors as they stood on the bridge to admire the view.

Farmyard fun…

There were lots of activities going off on the farmyard which we took part in, including the animal handling.

There was a freight flight but unfortunately we couldn’t get on it this time as it is extremely popular and got booked up straight away. I am hoping next year we can get on for a ride as I have heard that it was excellent fun and very scary! Being big animal lovers, we thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the wonderful animals who all seemed very relaxed and happy.

Just look at those gorgeous guineapigs!

Lunch time…

All of that Derbyshire fresh air was bound to make us hungry, so at about 11.30am we made our way to the popular Carriage House Restaurant. This particular restaurant which is located in the wonderful 18th century stable block was designed by James Paine. There was a varied selection of delicious food to choose from and as always it was exquisite and the service was second to none.

This is the second time that I have had the very tasty cheesecake and wow it just gets better every time. The egg custard was so creamy and my son loves baby chino’s but he never expected to get marshmallows too. That was a real treat for  him.

Full tummies and activities…

With our tummies full and with all of us feeling a lot more energized, we headed off in search of the stickyard as we had heard that there were some great activities going on throughout the day.

My son was desperate to take part in some crafts, so we went in search of some fun but along the way we were lucky enough to see the most amazing flowers, sculptures and scarecrows as we walked through the very well cared for gardens.

What a brilliant walk it was!

We eventually tracked down the activities where Helen was waiting to help us create a bat which Joseph made from egg boxes. He loved every minute of it and Helen was helpful, lovely and encouraging. My son sometimes shy’s away from taking part in things but she helped him to get started and he soon got in the swing of it.

We went on a witch hunt…

What is Halloween without a witch hunt?

We had heard romours of a witch who lived in the deepest darkest depths of the wild woods, so naturally we set about looking for her. Not only was she there with her spell book but she was accompanied by a broomstick maker who very kindly made Joseph a broom to take home with him. When we finally tracked the witch down, we realised that she was not at all as scary as we had once thought; in fact she was a very nice witch and even read Joseph a story and told him a secret spell.

Time to head home…

We had the most incredible time at Chatsworth but like all good things, it had to come to an end.

Little Zombie boy was shattered from scaring everyone but before we headed home we took the opportunity to get some photographs of the picturesque estate. The lighting was sublime and the atmosphere was perfect. It truly was a memorable day.

Once again I must thank Chatsworth for having us and as usual I would like to say thank you to Liz at Redbrick for arranging our wonderful day out. We can’t wait to return for “Christmas at Chatsworth” when the house will be dressed in the theme of “The Wind in the Willows” which is my all time favourite childhood story!


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