My Top 5 Christmas Films

Hello…can you hear me!?

Sorry about that, I am listening to Adele’s latest tune! Isn’t it just amazing. Actually she is just amazing!

Anyway back to the subject of this post. I know I know, its nearly Christmas so I guess there will be loads of posts like this flying about, but I am that sad that have actually started watching Christmas films already…have I beat you to it?

Most nights I am sitting in my living-room, wrapped in a fluffy blanket with some Christmas Yankee scent burning; hot choccy in my hand a Chrstmas film on. I am such a big kid, let me tell you, Santa is real and right now his elves are hard at work making those toys!

So my “go to” Christmas films when Nov 1st arrives (yes you read it right: Nov, not Dec) are:

Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus…

Xmas film1

The cheesiest film that has probably ever been made but that’s why I love it and when I say I love it, I mean, I love it. Santa goes in search of a suitable wife who he has to marry before Christmas day. Clearly it doesn’t go to plan but it ends so well. It is such a lovely romantic story and it makes me feel all warm inside. Go and take a look. It is on YouTube.

Home Alone…

Xmas film2

A classic, it marks the beginning of the most wonderful time of  the year; need I say more! Actually I need to say more. I absolutely love the house, forget the kid who we all like to pretend didn’t grow up! The house is probably the main reason why I watch this film, but did you know that the amazingly beautiful famous house under sold in 2012 by one million dollars? I would have paid the full asking price for that house. Living the dream…that house is my dream but for now I have the film, not the house.

Jingle All the Way…

Xmas film3

I have watched this so so many times…oh my crikey! It is loved and adored by my son and husband. They sit together, saying the lines with the actors and they just love it. I on the other hand, would love it still if I hadn’t have watched it about thirty times, but even so it is definitely in my top five because it is both funny and endearing.

The Santa Clause…

Xmas film4

Yes yes yes, I get really excited by the simple mention of this film. It is wonderful, cosy, magical and I really want to be in this film. Not to mention, the fact that I love Tim Allen who plays the role of Scott Calvin; oh and the kid in this film called Charlie is too cute. My favourite part has to be when the reindeer farts. Makes me laugh so much. If you find that you love this film as much as I do, go ahead and watch The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. I have the box set…shussshhhh!

The Holiday…

Xmas film5

This is one for my husband and I. You know when you say things like “This is our song” or ” This is our restaurant”; well this film is “Our film”. Every chance we get, we watch it. I think it has some cracking actors/actresses in it including: Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law (errr hello).  Again it’s the houses in this film that get me. A simply stunning country cottage which I sadly found out isn’t actually real (shattered my dreams) and a huge house in sunny California (which is real so there is still hope). I love America and I love the country and I love, love. This film is a clear winner!

So there you have it, my top five favourite Christmas films. I am sorry if you have seen so many of these you want to scream, but I had to join in!

Lots of love and happy watching








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