Bobbi Brown – My professional MUA kit (LIPS)

Hello my lovelies,

I am so excited to be finally getting my professional makeup kit together. I am currently still in training to be a MUA at my local college but I have been doing make-up for friends and family for years now. I guess that I just felt like I needed a qualification so that I could offer a more professional service.

I also have a huge interest in media make-up so I felt that by doing a course, I could explore that avenue a bit more than if I were just learning by tutorials from YouTube for example. My main aim is to study at the AOFM in London for Special Effects make-up in August next year. It a shame you can’t get scholarships as it is proving to be quite hard to save for the course.

Getting my kit…

In order to earn money from being a MUA and to be able to offer my clients an adequate service, I felt that I needed to get a professional kit together. Over the past couple of weeks I have been buying bits and pieces of lovely gorgeous beautiful makeup to go in my kit. As well as actual make-up, I have also purchased a kit bag and a brush belt.

I will be doing a series of blog posts where I will be showing you what I have purchased. I will be splitting these into sections such as: lips, cheeks, face, eyes and media make-up. I will then be doing a blog/review of my make-up Pro Artist kit bag by Zuca and my Zoeva Brush Belt.

I will eventually be doing videos too. I just seem to a terrible vlogger lol and can’t get the hang of it so I am working on being better before I do any more vids. I have a new vlogging camera now so the quality of my vlogs will be much better.

So lets get started with lips:

Bobbi Brown…

I have chosen to use lipsticks and Lip Liner from the Bobbi Brown range in my professional kit to start off with. I feel that they are good brand which a lot of people highly recommend and after doing a bit of research I felt that they would be a good choice for me to use on my clients.

Here are some pictures of the shades that I have chosen to start off with. I chose a variety of shades which would suit the type of makeup that I am planning on offering whilst I am still at college such as: bridal, prom and everyday make-up. I must also point out that each lip liner comes with a pencil sharpener; what a nice touch and how handy!

Thank you for reading and at a later date I will be doing a vid which will show ho the colours look when applied.


3 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown – My professional MUA kit (LIPS)

  1. I know, thank you. I currently only have these ones but to be honest I think they are a great selection to start with. I love them and they look beautiful on. I can just build it up now from there. I love Bobbi Brown 🙂 xx


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