Estee Lauder, Gold Oil and the Perfect Brows…

Hello my lovely readers,

On Friday I received a parcel which had been sent to me by Cosmetic PR. When I opened it I was over the moon to see some wonderful lipstick, an eye brow kit and some lovely gold body shimmer.

158 (Copy)

Lets Start with Lipstick…

To be honest I was in need of some new lipstick since I lost my beautiful Kiko one which much to my dismay has now sold out, so you can imagine my delight when I saw a pack of the gorgeous “Estee Lauder Electric Lipcreme Trio” just sitting there waiting to be used. I actually received the package just as I was leaving for a weekend break away with my mum to a spa hotel (see my write-up here) so I took them with me to our beautiful hotel and used all three throughout the weekend.

I got stuck in straight away and tried a swatch of each one and I was instantly impressed. When I say they glide on, I mean they glide on. They are rich in colour, creamy and feel like silk to your lips. I honestly can’t rate these little sticks of joy highly enough.

All three of them can be used for both day and evening wear. I particularly like the shade “Electrified”. It suits my new hair colour and it is a great shade for autumn/winter evenings.

Here is a picture of me wearing “Electrified”:

2015-11-24 10.12.49

I would say that “Flirtatious” and “Love Affair” are perfect for wearing in the day. The colours are both subtle yet they leave a lasting tint to your lips. They are not too intense either so I would have thought that they would be great for the more mature lady as well as the younger individual looking for something natural. My mum actually fell in love with “Flirtatious” and it really suited her. She wore it all weekend.

Here is a picture of her wearing it:

215 (Copy)

I can report back that the lipstick lasted really well. Obviously with it being a creme lipstick rather than matte we had to reapply the lipstick after eating or drinking to get a more vibrant shade, but there was still a tint of colour on the lips.

Let’s just say, I will be getting a lot of use out of all three! There isn’t one that I don’t like.

BPerfect Cosmetics Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Kit…

I am quite particular with my brows so I am always open to trying new products which could make them that bit better. With the “BPerfect Semi-permanent Brows Kit” I received the shade: Dark Brown which creates a defined shape for medium blonde to dark brown hair.

In the kit there was a small sculpting double-ended brush and three stencils. The stencils enable you to create: a thin eye brow, thick eye brow and natural eye brow shape. For me the thick stencil was perfect which you can see in the picture above where I am also wearing the Estee Lauder Lipstick.

This eye brow kit is semi-permanent. Last time someone used semi-permanent on my eye brows I couldn’t get it off for a few days and it wasn’t the right shade for me. So as you can imagine I was a bit apprehensive about using this product in-case it didn’t look right, but you will be pleased to know that all was well and it looked wonderful and it came off without any problems. That’s not to say that it doesn’t last because it does.

I have to say that although I initially thought this shade was going to be too dark; once it was applied, it looked perfect. I am actually having my hair dyed a shade darker in the next week or so, so it wouldn’t have done much harm if it were too dark anyway. I am currently a dark blonde/strawberry blonde sort of shade.

The product was very easy to apply and I also found that you don’t need a lot of it to achieve a good colour to your brows which means not only will the powder last longer but it will take you less time to create your ideal shape.

To finish off my brows I used a clear mascara to set them. I am actually on the look out for a great eye brows gel so maybe if this company manufacture one, I will try it.

If you would like to purchase this product you can expect to pay £24.99 which I think is abut right for a product of this quality; especially since you also get a brush and three stencils. All in all I was very happy and will be using this product regularly.

Huile des 4 Thes Brume d’or (in other words: shimmering dry oil)…

As you know, I received my lovely package just as I was leaving for a spa break, so what better time to try this product which contains regenerative white tea from the Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Teas Elixir), nourishing Tahitian Monoi oil and fine illuminating gold dust.

I have never heard of this French brand before but I immediately loved the look of the product as it is all gold and sparkly. Anything gold gets a big thumbs up from me and I am really into shimmery oils/powders at the moment too, so I couldn’t wait to try it.

I did as the instructions said and placed a few small drops to the palm of my hand then I applied the liquid to my arm. I will be honest here, I couldn’t really see an obvious shimmer and it didn’t show up on camera but I caught a glimpse of it now and again under certain lighting which I rather liked. It definitely gives your skin a glow and it smells amazing. It also makes your skin feel really soft and subtle without leaving it greasy to the touch.

This oil can also be applied to the hair so I think this would be the ideal product to take on holiday with you to give your hair and skin that extra golden glow; especially since the bottle is small enough to fit in your luggage without taking up lots of room.

Not only would this be great for taking on your travels, I also think it would be very useful during the festive season. You could apply it to your collar bones and chest or you could dab a bit on to the parts of your face where the light would naturally hit.

All in all I think this is a great little product that does what it says. The bottle is light and small enough for you to pop in your hand bag so that you can top up your glow whenever or wherever you like.

I know that it will be staying in my hand bag during the Christmas period and then perhaps it will go back in during summer too.

That is all for today lovelies

I hope you enjoyed reading

Lots of love




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