Christmas Favourites…These are a Few of my Favourite Things!

Oh its the most wonderful time of the year!

Hello my lovelies,

I am in such a good mood today and as I write this I have the wonderful “Michael Buble Christmas” album playing in the background, have my Christmas Yankee Candle burning and Christmas 24 playing on the TV. Its safe to say – I love Christmas!

In today’s post I am going to share all of my favourite festive items with you.

Christmas Cards…

So the first item on my list are these gorgeous cards that I picked up from Marks and Spencer outlet store yesterday! They were only £2 reduced from £2.50. I bought them for my son to give to his school friends. There are only 16 children in his whole year so I am hoping there will be some left over for me to give to a few of my friends because they are so sweet. There are four different designs which I tried to get in the picture for you to see.


Everyone needs some Christmas Pyjamas don’t they. Went I went to York with my mum a few weeks ago it was so Christmasy with the market and the atmosphere was just perfect. I got totally sucked in and purchased these beautiful pyjama bottoms from Fat Face. They were £30 but they are so well made and I just know I will have them for years.

I am so in love with the print!

Christmas Mug…

Don’t you think this is so cute? The spoon can be removed to fish out those melted marshmallows from the top of your steaming hot chocolate. It is actually really big so it is perfect for those yummy seasonal drinks. My mum bought me this last year from a garden centre but it is by “Russ” so you could always Google it and see if you can find one.

Christmas Plates…

These plates caught my eye in the pound shop. I love them and they are ideal for putting nibbles in when you are entertaining. I have recently served biscuits on them and crisps and can you believe they were only £1 each?

A Plate for Santa…

My mother in law bought this wonderful plate for my son last year and we think it is perfect for Santa and Rudolf’s tasty treats. Admittedly the ink has washed off a little bit but that’s my fault for not following the care instructions properly. Won’t do that again! I have no idea where she got it from but I think you will agree that it is perfect for the little ones in your life.









Mini Christmas Tree…

As I was wandering around Sainsbury’s yesterday doing my weekly shop, I came across this wonderful tree. It is so snowy and since we won’t be getting any of the fluffy white stuff this Christmas I thought this would be the next best thing! It cost me just £3.50 and is really easy to care for too as it only needs to be kept damp which means I don’t have to water it everyday.

Advent Calendar…

I love advent calendars but I refuse to buy one when we have this lovely home-made one that my mum made when my brother and I were toddlers. She filled it full of delicious goodies for us to open everyday so I now do the same for my son.

Christmas Bag…

Since carrier bags are now a grand total of 5p I decided to purchase this lovely bag from Next. I really like the print and I feel that it can be used not just for Christmas but for the whole of winter. I use it to put my bits and bobs of shopping in.

Gingerbread House…

I got this yesterday from Morrisons and my son can’t wait to make it. I have told him that we have to wait for Christmas Eve to make it because I feel that it’s important to do things as a family, things that we will remember. It cost £5. We have extra sweets to stick on it as I am aware that we might not get that many in the pack. What is Christmas without a gingerbread house?

I hope you enjoyed looking at my favourite Christmas things! I was too disorganised to get some Christmas bedding so next year I will have to get myself organised a bit better and purchase some before they sell out which is hat happened this year. My son has some Christmas bedding so I may pop that up on Instagram for you to see.

Many Christmas hugs




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