A Christmas Fair – Back at the Stunning Welbeck Estate

A few weeks ago I returned to the Welbeck Estate with my family (See my initial visit here) for their annual Christmas Fair.

As we arrived on a cold November morning we could smell Christmas in the air. The mulled wine was warming, the home-made soup was steaming and the Belgium hot chocolate was flowing.

We saw some beautiful things during our visit and as usual, we popped into the award winning farm shop.

Here are some photographs from our day. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed taking them:

Our first stop was the Welbeck Bakehouse stand. The Bakehouse first opened in 2008. It is the only bakery in Nottingham to use not one, but two wood fired ovens which enables them to produce over fourty styles of Artizan bread and pastries. Its safe to say that their goods have been a hit ever since and they have never looked back.

Next for some hand-made chocolate which tasted divine…

I absolutely love cheese which you will already know if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, so obviously I couldn’t walk on by a stand full of wonderful hand-made cheese and scrumptious chutneys. We couldn’t resit so we chose three to take home.

We wandered around to the Welbeck Abbey Brewery stand. The Brewery is situated in the Welbeck Estate where it is housed in a listed barn. The Brewery is one of the estates newest ventures which was established by Head Brewer Claire Monk in 2011. Nothing but the best, high quality ingredients are used in the production of over 15,000 pints of handcrafted beer a week.

What is a fair without cake? As you may expect from a cake loving family, we purchased cake and lots of it. We took home the chocolate cake and the toffee apple cake. We are happy to report that they were absolutely delicious.

I really enjoy looking around craft buildings/tents and I have to say that Welbeck had some of the best selection of up and coming artists/crafters that I have had the pleasure of seeing/meeting. The products were new, original, exciting, beautiful and of exceptional quality. I think you would agree!

Here are a few pictures from our time in the craft tent and exploring the out buildings:

A visit to the award winning Welbeck Farm Shop was more than necessary. As always when in the company of food, I go a little over board so you won’t be surprised to find that I ended up purchasing more scrumptious cakes, Stichelton cheese, Christmas sauce and even more fresh bread.

Unfortunately we got pulled away early from our day at Welbeck but all in all we had a wonderful morning spent exploring the estate and all it had to offer. When we arrived home we gathered all of the tasty bits we had bought and had a family feast. Its safe to say we didn’t feel like doing much afterwards; especially since my dad got the Port out. We were sufficiently stuffed.

As always, thank you for reading.




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