A Jolly Good Christmas Haul…

A “Happy Christmas” hello to you all,

So I thought I better go shopping for those Christmas essential items that I have been meaning to get for some time. The only problem is, I have a chest infection so shouldn’t really be leaving the house but you know how it is!

I braved the wet and miserable weather and went out, only to get home and feel ten times worse (I am now wheezing like an old man). What a shocking surprise! One good thing did come of it though – I got almost all of what I went for, so it was well worth it.

I have to say I did forget a few things because my brain is not firing on all cylinders so I shall have to make another trip to town over the weekend.

Here are the wonderfully Christmasy items that I picked up on my shopping trip this morning:

The Cutest Christmas Jumper…

This is in my opinion, the cutest Christmas jumper I have seen yet. I have been searching for that perfect jumper since the beginning of the festive season and it paid to wait. I have been looking out for one that is classy; one that can be worn throughout the whole of winter and not just for Christmas and I think that is exactly what I got.

I love the natural colours and small detailing such as the sequins on the reindeer’s feet, the soft fur on his body and the small jingly bells that are around his harness. This jumper is from M&S and is priced up at £35 which is admittedly more than I wanted to pay, but wow don’t you think it is worth it? It fits so nicely too and with me being a plus size, I need clothes that fit well otherwise I look ten times bigger. Luckily when I went today they had 30% off so this jumper didn’t cost me the full £35!

Another Equally Cute Christmas Jumper…

Ok, so maybe this is also the cutest Christmas jumper too. I actually got this from Primark for my son. I was initially planning on getting him one that I had seen on the Debenhams website but when I saw it in real life, I wasn’t that keen on it. I did however love this one from Primark. I went in to find something else and came across this and just knew it was the one.

My son’s school are doing a Christmas Jumper Day on Tuesday so I just know this will be perfect and to make this jumper even more amazing than it already is, Rudolf’s nose flashes too! It was only £14, what a bargain.

The Most Amazing Pixie Slippers I have Ever Seen…

I have got a bit of an addiction to buying slippers. I have about 10 pairs of slippers and slipper socks in total, but hey, who doesn’t love a good pair of indoor footwear when it’s cold and miserable outside.

I was passing the market when these little beauties caught my eye and there was NO Way I was leaving them behind. How funky are these? I literally adore them and even better is that they have an outdoor sole so (no don’t worry I wont wear them out however much i’m tempted) if I need to pop out to the bin or to the rabbits, I can do so without taking my slippers off.

These cost me £14.99 which I think is an amazing bargain. They were reduced from £30.

Slipper Socks (see I told you I was addicted)…

These lovely slipper socks are the type of thing that I will wear whilst watching TV in the evening because my feet get really cold. They are fur lined and seem to be really well made. They are from M&S and cost just £12 but like I said, I got 30% off today so they cost me a lot less.

Beanie Hats (yes I bought not one, but two)…

So those of you who are watching “Zoella’s Vlogmas” series you will have already seen this wonderful hat from Primark. It is literally amazing. It jingles when I walk and it makes me smile. Since I first saw it on one of Zoe’s haul videos, I knew I just had to have one.

If I had spotted it the first time that I went to Primark this morning I would not have bought the other hat from M&S but the first time I went in, I couldn’t see it so I assumed they had sold out. I then went to M&S, saw the other hat and bought that. I then went back to Primark to fecth the Christmas jumper and as I was walking to the till I spotted the jingly hat, so I grabbed it quick. At just £4 I think its a real bargain!

The second beanie hat that I purchased today was from M&S. It has gingerbread men on it and I honestly think it is so sweet and so me. Like my lovely reindeer jumper, I will be able to wear this all winter and not just at Christmas which I the main reason that I bought it; as well as the fact that I couldn’t find the one I wanted at Primark when I first went in.

It was £12 but I got 30% off.

Elf on the Shelf…

Most possibly the coolest thing that I have purchased (I actually ordered this 3 days ago but it came today). I was literally so excited to take delivery of this wonderful little elf who will become part of our family this Christmas, I even squeeled when I opened him. I bought him so that I could have a little fun with Joseph, my son.

“The Elf on the Shelf – A Christmas Tradition” is a cleverly rhymed children’s book explaining the story of Santa’s scout elves, who are sent to be Santa’s eyes and ears at children’s homes around the world!

Let’s just say, our little elf (who we have yet to name) will be making sure Joseph is behaving himself and will be helping him to remember things. My son has aspergers and ADHD so I am hoping this elf will become his little helper over Christmas.

If you want to find out more about these little elves click here!

Why not follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see what we name our elf and what he gets up to with my son over the next few weeks!

That is all from me today.

I really hoped you enjoyed reading my post.

See you all soon




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