Makeovers for Free? Make your Way Over to Me!

Hello hello,

Happy nearly weekend to you all.

So as this post suggests, I am indeed offering makeovers for FREE! I am a student makeup artist who is trying to build my portfolio, gain some experience and introduce people to my wonderful vegan, plant-based products. I figured what better way to give all those lovely faces out there a makeover than to offer my services free of charge until I feel confident and skilled enough to start charging.


I love doing makeup. I find it so therapeutic and I know that by getting lots of experience of doing makeup on all different ages and skin types, I can build a solid foundation for the future. I will be using my on finances to fund this project but I feel that the benefit that I will get from it will be well worth my while. I believe that in order to get from life, you first have to give!

I have had so much response from this particular “shout out” and I can’t wait to get started and meet all of the wonderful ladies in person; even if I am a little nervous. I guess whenever anyone starts something new they will always feel nervous but this shows I care which is of course is a good thing.

My passion is theatrical makeup but I love doing day/evening/special occasion makeup also. I like to experiment and think outside the box and most of all I love to make others feel special.

When I have completed the makeover I will feature my ladies/men’s “before and after” photographs on my blog along with their social media details if they so wish me too.

I am really happy to make contacts in other cities, not just Nottingham so for those of you who are reading this and thinking about getting in touch then do it! Let’s meet up, have a drink, have some fun, have a chat and get happy with makeup!

Hope you all have a fab weekend

Love from





7 thoughts on “Makeovers for Free? Make your Way Over to Me!

    1. Wow that’s great news thank you. 😊. Would love to. I have another lady who lives in Leicester also who wants a makeover so I will fit you both in on the same day. I am just waiting to hear back from her. When I do I will let you know dates and we can work something out. Also can we connect on Twitter? I’m jut on there as: Pearlie Pumpkin xxx

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      1. Yaay that sounds great! I will follow you on Twitter and you let me know when you are ready and we will see if we can fit both in on the same day! Excited! Xxx


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