What a Marvel-lous Day at Chatsworth

There was no way we were going to pass up a fun filled day of superhero action at our favourite place, so on the first day of the half-term holidays my mum, son and I bundled the dogs in the car and made our way over to Chatsworth House and what a great start to the week it proved to be.

I always feel so relaxed when I have spent the day at Chatsworth surrounded by the stunning Derbyshire countryside, enjoying delicious food from the Carriage House Restaurant and spending quality time with my family, but this particular trip was probably one of my favourites to date.

A Treat Upon Arrival…

The sun was out for a change, giving us a break from the wet and wild weather we have been having lately and as we made our way down the long picturesque drive we could appreciate the tastefully renovated gold window frames as they shone under the early morning rays. We were also treated to the presence of a heard of deer which grazed peacefully on either side of the road. This picturesque welcome reminded us just how lucky we are to have such a magnificent estate on our doorstep.

An Action Filled Adventure through the Woods…

Chatsworth never fails to provide my family with hours of entertainment; especially since there is so much to see and do which appeals to everyone from my 9 year old son to my 70 year old father. On this particular visit we spent most of our day in the farmyard but before we headed over to see what all the excitement was about, we let the dogs stretch their legs by the lake, which like always they fully appreciated.

We had been told of a superhero tractor ride, so as you can imagine my son was really keen to get in the que so that we didn’t miss out on this epic journey through the woodland. We only had to que for about ten minutes which was fantastic and especially handy for those of you whose children don’t like to wait around. As we all climbed aboard the tractor the children were given big water shooters to use during their trip through the woods.

We all had a laugh when the guide told all of the children to watch out for walkers because she was pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate being squirted with freezing cold water. Secretly I think we would have all fallen about laughing if one of the children had accidentally pulled the trigger, but they behaved and kept their water guns aimed only at the targets which were pictures of famous Marvel characters pinned to the trees. Much to the relief of both the guide and walkers no adults were squirted during the fun filled adventure ride through the wilderness and we all arrived back with empty guns and big smiles on our faces.

Of course no trip to the farmyard is complete without some fun in the well equipped adventure playground. My poor mum was marched through, up and over an array of apparatus and equipment for about an hour before she finally admitted defeat and managed to peel my son away by suggesting that we go and see the guineas for a stroke.

The guinea pigs had been taken inside due to the drop in temperature and they all looked very content and warm as the children gave them cuddles and kisses. I met the oldest guinea pig  of them all and she was very laid back and friendly but saying that, all of the animals that we saw that day were, which goes to show just how well loved and respected they are by the members of staff.

A Warm End to a Wonderful Day…

I have to say that by this time the cold was getting to us and we were in great need of a warm drink and some fuel so we made our way to the restaurant where we enjoyed hot chocolate and a piece of cake which like always was second to none. On our way to the car we met a huge St Bernard dog called George and as you can see he was extremely cute and lovable.

As usual the day was an unforgettable one that we will all cherish forever. Thanks again Chatsworth for providing us with the chance to build everlasting memories.

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