Grand Birthday Celebrations

Hello fellow readers,

You probably weren’t aware but it was my birthday on Saturday. Lucky me, I made it to the grand old age of 33! Yippeee.


Funnily enough my birthday happened to be on the same date as another event that was taking place at one of my all time my favourite haunts “Chatsworth House” which if you weren’t aware is frequently chosen as a location for many notable TV programmes and films such as Pride and Prejudice.

You should all know by now just how much I love going there, so I was of course very happy to be paying a visit on my birthday knowing that I was going to be able to view the highly anticipated “Florabundance”event.

Over the course of five days starting on the 24th June and finshing on the 28th a colourful celebration of all things floral took take place within the house on the Chatsworth Estate. The stunning display was skilfully created by freelance Derbyshire based Floral Designer Jonathan Moseley and the Chatsworth Garden Team.

All the displays around the house were made from flowers of British origin in order to celebrate the tercentenary of Lancelot Capability Brown who along with his foreman Michael Millican, oversaw an extensive programme of ground work within the park between 1760 and 1764.

Local British flower growers from Derbyshire and Yorkshire came together to dress the Great Dining Room, which I have to say was breath taking and easily my favourite display of the day. I could have quite happily pulled out a chair and had my birthday tea amongst the beautifully colourful and fragrant Sweet Peas and fine silver table-ware.

The best way for you to see just how perfectly the house was dressed is to show you some of the pictures of the various rooms that we took on the day. I do hope you enjoy looking at them just as much as we did.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As well as taking a walk around the house, we also got time to explore other parts of the estate such as the farm which, with its huge play park is ideal for young children to let off steam (and adults too if they find themselves with excess energy to spare).

We were delighted to see that many of the animals in the farm had their young with them. There were the playful kids who demanded copious amount of fuss and attention and then the second I averted my eyes, tried to nibble at my jacket.

The piglets lay flat out fast asleep for pretty much the whole time we were there and the calf was simply sitting comfortably next to her mother taking in her surroundings after only being born five days previous to our visit.

It was a true pleasure and a real treat for my birthday to see all of the animals including the shire horses and guinea pigs looking so relaxed and at ease in their surroundings.

For lunch we headed over to the Carriage House Restaurant which is located in the 18th Century stable block where we had a feast of hot dinner, soup, sandwiches, crisps and freshly made Victoria Sponge Cake; it is safe to say that we were stuffed.

Seeing as though we were already in the stable block however, we just managed to peruse the newly refurbished shops which were full to the brim with attractive home-ware, jewellery, books, leather accessories, delicious food and much more.

img_0012 (Copy)

Towards the end of the day and in-between the downpours of rain we managed to get a game of football in (well the men did) which resulted in my dad landing on his back in the middle of a muddy field which was highly entertaining for all of us.

We ladies did what we do best of an afternoon – sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the scenery whilst eating delicious ice cream amongst the friendly sheep.

As usual it was a wonderful day spent with wonderful people in the most wonderful place of all and we can’t wait for our next visit.

To see all of the other events for 2016 at Chatsworth house click here.


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