Chatsworth Country Fair welcomes Jessica Ennis-Hill and Paul Hollywood…

Something I really look forward to all year is the annual Chatsworth Country Fair: I mean what could be better than a huge selection of the finest foods to sample and chose from, top celebrity chefs gracing us with their culinary skills, demonstrations and parades to watch with a glass of your fave, an array of the finest country brands to peruse and activities galore which you can take part in? In my opinion, not much!

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At Chatsworth Country Fair there really is something for everyone which is why this popular event continues to see well over 80,000 visitors walk through its gates over the course of three days between the 2nd-4th September.

As with anything that is held outdoors, you always wish for nice weather because if it rains it kind of puts a downer on the day, but not for me. This time, I was determined to beat the wet and wild English weather with a positive attitude which must have worked because although it began miserable and cold; the day ended up being warm and dry which certainly put a few smiles on people’s faces; especially Jessica Ennis-Hill’s.

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Arriving in a golf buggy from across the estate, the silver award-winning athlete went on to open up the Fair by showing us all how to make the most delicious super-food smoothie in the middle of a rather damp field with the help of Mapperly based nutritionist “Wholefood Warrior” Eva Humphries. Jessica was full of smiles and set the scene perfectly for the days to come. The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire were, as always, the perfect hosts and watched attentively as the girls blitzed up a treat against the picturesque backdrop.

If you are a fan of the “Great British Bake Off”, you will see why this year the Aga Rangemaster Cookery Theatre was packed to bursting. Paul Hollywood  graced us with his presence several times during the day with superb cookery demos and at one point, joked that the helicopter that was heard overhead must have been his co-star Mary Berry arriving for her up and coming slot on the Saturday. It’s nice to see that he brought with him his wicked sense of humour which along with Mary’s fantastic one-liners has certainly played a part in making the much-loved TV show the huge success that it is.

Of course, the celebrity appearances only play as small part in making the Fair the success that it is. The stewards, trade exhibitors, main attractions and activity specialists made the day a memorable one. My son loved every minute of his time on the fair ground rides, climbing over obstacle courses and trying his hand at archery.

My main interests were definitely the food tents and clothing; particularly a little place called “Urchin Clothing“. The main man behind this proudly British brand known as “Poppa Urchin” is clearly very proud of his success since they first launched in 1998. He went on to tell us how his frequent customers include the rich and famous. Urchin Clothing tweed capes are classically beautiful and reversible; making them a popular option for those who like to head out after work. You might like to check them out at one of the up and coming shows or events.

If you are thinking of heading out to Chatsworth Country Fair, I highly recommend that you spend some time at the Grand Ring. One of both mine and my mum’s highlights of the day was without a doubt the Household Cavalry Musical Ride. Their performance was truly breathtaking and something to be remembered for years to come. Other attractions in the main ring included: Mounted Games, Imps Motorcycle Display Team, Jump4Heroes, Dog and Duck Show and Charlotte Hill and Her Birds of Prey.

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Here are some more pictures from the day so you can see what else we got up to:

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Of course, none of this could happen for us without the lovely Liz and Sarah from Redbrick Communications.  Thank you for allowing us to have many fun days out in the wonderful Chatsworth Estate.

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